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Rum Christmas Baubles Set of 6


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Product Description


Introducing our Rum Lover's Christmas Bauble Collection - a festive and delightful addition to your holiday celebrations! Enjoy this pack of 6 exquisite rum-filled Christmas baubles, each showcasing the craft and diversity of independent distillers from all across the UK.

🎄 Features: Craft Rum from Independent Distillers: Inside each bauble, you'll find 50ml of carefully selected craft rum sourced from independent distilleries across the UK. The team at Little Rum Box has searched high and low to bring you a unique range of flavours, spices, and botanical blends that are sure to please your palate.

Salford Spiced Rum (50ml) - 40% ABV - This golden spiced rum is produced in small batches, column distilled in the shadows of old Salford Docks, and expertly infused with vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger and dried Caribbean fruits

Ninefold Dormont Spiced Rum (50ml) - 40% ABV - A Scottish spiced rum made from our award winning Pure Single Rum. Naturally flavoured with nutmeg, allspice and aniseed, with a little sugar for rounding and natural caramel for colour.

Nelson Pumpkin Rum (50ml) - 41% ABV - A real seasonal warmer, this tipple has been carefully blended with three very different rums from Jamaica, the Dominican Republic and Barbados and aged in barrels for three years. Alongside seasonal spices, this blend has been infused with sweet and natural pumpkin flavourings.

AB Gold Rum (50ml) - 40% ABV - AB Gold is a premium blended rum. Created from only the finest traditional pot-stilled, triple oak barrel-aged Jamaican rums from virgin Caribbean sugar cane. It embodies distinctive rich caramel tones with mild influences of vanilla and accents of fruit.

Peggy Dark Rum (50ml) - 40% ABV - Dark chocolate and molasses infused with oak, rich caramel, and a hint of liquorice and marzipan on the finish give Peggy dark rum a palate as unique as her story. A splash of cold brew coffee is then added for distinctive character.

Three Bees Honey Spiced Rum (50ml) - 40% ABV - Three Bees Honey Spiced Rum is a premium single estate Jamaican rum, expertly infused with the finest hand picked selection of warming spices and a generous amount of delicious Harborough Honey. Silky smooth with floral notes and gentle sweetness,

📜 Taste Note Cards: Included in the beautifully designed box, you'll discover taste note cards for each rum variety in this set. These cards provide a glimpse into the history of the distiller and distinct flavour profiles of each rum, helping you appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into every bottle. Plus, you'll get recommendations for the perfect serve, ensuring your rum experience is nothing short of delightful.

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