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Monthly Rolling Subscription

Try out, sample and discover your new favourite rum from two independent, artisan and craft brands with this brilliant monthly rolling subscription. 

The expert team here at the Little Rum Box will carefully select two 50ml bottles of rum from all over the UK. An exciting and affordable rum subscription that is sure to be appreciated by any rum enthusiast! 

Only £10.00 per month, no commitments and cancel at anytime.

Letterbox Subscription Set Contents;

2x 50ml bottles of selected rum - One each of two different types to the mailing address you specify. The rum selected is always from small, craft and independent distillers.

Tasting notes and the distillers view on how to serve - A detailed card with a background of the distiller along with the main botanicals and tasting notes. Included on the card is also a photograph of the bottle

Discount code - A members only discount code of 10% is provided for any full bottle purchase on our website.



Fixed Term Subscription


Two 50ml bottles of selected rum (one each of two different types) to the mailing address you specify; 

- Pay upfront for options of 3, 6, and 12 month fixed subscription. Once the subscription has ended, no further payments will be made, it will simply end after the fixed term.

- Tasting notes and the distillers view on how to mix that perfect drink! 

- Send as a gift, so the recipient receives two different rums each month! 

- You will also receive a discount code which can be used to offset the cost of selected full bottle purchases from our range.  

- Our boxes are also letterbox-friendly and 100% recyclable.