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Ron Cabezon Botanical Rum


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Product Description

Ron Cabezon Rum


Alc. 41%.vol.

Ron Cabezon is the brainchild of its creator. Having been a well-travelled rum enthusiast for many years, he had a strong ambition and desire to produce a rum of his own design, using 100% natural, botanical ingredients Ron Cabezon is produced in Scotland. They incorporate Royal Deeside spring water. Final ingredients include honey from a local farm, Madagascan vanilla and a ‘secret’ blend of botanicals, that give Ron Cabezon its unique uncompromising flavour. The two separate batches are finally brought back together (the macerations and the botanicals), to produce a blend that is well rounded and moreish. The result is an exciting new product, delicious neat, in a cocktail or with your favourite mixer.

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