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Salford Honey Rum


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Product Description

Salford Honey Rum


Alc. 37.5%.vol.

Salford Honey Rum is the third addition to the Salford Rum range, made with a single origin pot and column distilled rum that is blended and bottled under 2 miles from their famous docks using real Salford honey from The Finest Honey.

The result is a glorious, smooth honey rum with naturally sweet and floral notes, which when coupled with the deep intensity of our rum creates a well-balanced flavour with notes of honeycomb, caramel and butterscotch.

Salford Honey Rum is perfect served over ice on its own, or as a new twist on classic cocktails. This rum is a tribute to the local dockworkers known as the worker bees and takes further inspiration from the 5 bees featured on the Salford coat of arms.

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